Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alp According to Wikipedia

I think Wikipedia is the best thing that happend since electricity, the combined knowledge of mankind in one place. Read this interesting post.

An alp is a nightmare creature originating in German folklore.
Not to be mistaken with the similarly named Alp-luachra, the alp is sometimes likened to a vampire, but its behavior is more like that of the incubus. It is unique from both of these creatures in that it wears a magic hat called a Tarnkappe, from which it draws its powers. The word "alp" is a variation on the word "elf". It is also known by the following names: trud, mare, mart, mahr, schrat, and walrider. Many variations of the creature exist in surrounding European areas, such as the Druden and Schratteli.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Before It's News

Ol' David at Before it's News got hold of this. Does this mean it's news now? :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Myths about the Alp #1

There are so many myths about the Alp and I thought I would collect some.
99% of them are rubbish but they are quite entertaining.
As of many myths they come from something and somewhere among these there are
a grain of truth.

How to Ward an Alp off
  • In the still of the night one can hear the sound that they make in the wall while getting in. If one gets up quickly and plugs up the hole, then they must stay in the room and cannot escape, even after the doors have been opened. Then, before setting them free, one must make them promise to never disturb the place again. On such occasions they have complained pitifully that they have little children at home who will perish if they do not leave.
  • Some people have laid a hackle (iron-toothed comb for the preparation of flax) on their bodies in order to keep alps away. Alps are said to be able to turn it over, pressing the points into the sleeper's body.
  • A better precaution is to turn one's shoes around at the side of the bed, so that the hooks and the laces are next to you.
  • If attacked by an alp, in order to keep it away the victim has to put its thumb in its hand, and the alp will have to retreat.
  • They can also be repelled with horse heads.
  • When a nurse diapers a child, she must make the sign of the cross and open up a corner. Otherwise the alp will re-diaper the child.
  • If an alp is pressing upon, the victim has to think, "Trud, come tomorrow, and I will lend you something!". The alp will immediately retreat and come the next day in the form of a human, in order to borrow something.
  • It is believed that by stopping up the keyhole, placing one's shoes with the toes facing the door, and then getting into bed backwards one can protect oneself against nightmares or "Mortriden."
  • Further, one can put something made from steel, for example an old pair of scissors, in one's bed straw.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The creature sighted for the first time since 1942

This is truly one unique film. It was found on an old VHS tape. The creator either didn't discover the strange action in the background or didn't want to tell anyone about it.
But someone found the tape and published it on (the junkyard of online videos)
See the original clip here,

It was recognized and republished on Youtube, see below

This clip has been the subject to a lot of discussion on forums all over the net.
The explanation varies from a bird or an airplane. It's clearly neither.
A plane flying at this speed and altitude are bound to crash.

No known birds have this shape so it's something else.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Routledge Dictionary of Gods, Goddesses, Devils and Demons (Routledge Dictionaries)

More about the Alp in this great book:

This dictionary covers, in one volume, over 1,800 of the most important deities and demons from around the world. From classical Greek and Roman mythology to the gods of Eastern Europe and Mesopotamia, from Nordic giants to Islamic jinns and Egyptian monsters, it is packed with descriptions of the figures most worshipped and feared around the world and across time. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Finnish hunter

My name is Tapio Mäkinen and I'm an adventurer, rocker and finnish. The last five years I have been looking for crypozoological creatures and are trying to hunt one down. I've been to Kentucky looking for a bigfoot, to India looking for the Yeti and to Sweden looking for the Storsjö odjuret.

My latest project is to track down an Alp. There have been a couple of recent spottings of an Alp in Austria and since it's only 150 minutes from Finland I've decided to go there and hunt it down.

I've assembled a team of 6 people with different backgrounds needed for this expedition.

This blog is dedicated to my research and my preparation before the trip.

If someone has any leads or more evidence please email me at

If you have any experience of hunting and would like to participate in an expedition fron the August 30 to September 13 just send me an email. I'm bringing the nightvision cameras, motion sensors and my rifle. No pay but a big adventure and in case of success, eternal fame.