Monday, July 18, 2011

The Finnish hunter

My name is Tapio Mäkinen and I'm an adventurer, rocker and finnish. The last five years I have been looking for crypozoological creatures and are trying to hunt one down. I've been to Kentucky looking for a bigfoot, to India looking for the Yeti and to Sweden looking for the Storsjö odjuret.

My latest project is to track down an Alp. There have been a couple of recent spottings of an Alp in Austria and since it's only 150 minutes from Finland I've decided to go there and hunt it down.

I've assembled a team of 6 people with different backgrounds needed for this expedition.

This blog is dedicated to my research and my preparation before the trip.

If someone has any leads or more evidence please email me at

If you have any experience of hunting and would like to participate in an expedition fron the August 30 to September 13 just send me an email. I'm bringing the nightvision cameras, motion sensors and my rifle. No pay but a big adventure and in case of success, eternal fame.