Friday, August 5, 2011

Kentucky 2009 looking for the notorious Bigfoot

2009 I went to Kentucky to see if I could find the Bigfoot. There had been several spottings around Owensboro. We flew to Cincinnati and spent 10 days camping in the woods. There were actually one more spotting during the time we where there but even thought we found strange tracks (they could have been old bear tracks) we didn't see the Bigfoot. I'm not sure about the bigfoot really and I'm not saying it because we didn't find it, there are so many spottings and one real dead bigfoot has never been presented.
There might have been bigfoots in the 18 and 19th century and this can very well be the origin of the myth but I don't think there can be any real bigfoot wandering about in the heacy populated areas in the US today. But you never know and since a ticket to Cincinnati is only 850 USD it's well worth it. And even if you don't find the creature the nature is wonderful, there's plenty of deer to hunt and the beer is great!
Especially the Kentucky Ale