Friday, August 12, 2011


I have during my research found lots of real evidence and hard fact about the ALp. Photos, remains and now lately a new film of a sighting in Gradnitz. We're a team of 6 finnish scientist/hunters coming to Austria to try to locate the Alp and capture or shot one. We're arriving the 27th of August and staying until the 10th. We're going to explore the Alp myth and through fieldwork and observations try to hunt on down. This is a unique expedition and the Alp has never been hunted with modern equipment such as heat sensitive cameras, night cameras and motion sensors. We bring a mobile Forensic Lab and will analyse sampels in order to se if we can find traces of several individuals.

But we need your help. In order to find the Alp we need recent information of strange sightings in the Waldviertel area. Anything that's out of the ordinary. Changed patterns in the wild life, dead animal in unusual places, sightings of big birds (might be the Alp) or anything that help us to pinpoint the location of the Alp. Email me at