Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New picture from Vienna.

I just got this image emailed to me. It looks like the same bird/creature that as in the previous films and images.

I let a friend of mine, an expert on digital images look at the picture and he say it's impossible to say if it's real of fake.
What he could say is that the compresion of the bird and the compression of the rest of the image is the same. You can see this by looking at the dark edges. The JPEG compression is the small grey dots in the lighter areas around the edges. It's the amount of grey pixels that match. What you do is that you compare the bird with other edges in the image. Below is one example, from the trees.

What this indicates is that the image could be real and if not very well faked.

By looking at Google maps I can tell the Stadtpark is a big park, maybe the bird has got confused and made a stop here on it's way somewhere else. It's not unusual that animalt that has been disturbed for one or another reason behaves in a strange way. This bird obviously has started to move and the cause for this one can only speculate. The bird might stay for a short period but will soon move on, a city is a bad environment for big predators. A change of plan, not going to Waltviertel but Vienna.